Instructional Systems Design (ISD)


Systematic analysis of your agency’s training and education requirements


Curriculum and Training Module Development


Preparation of training materials, handouts, user and participant guides


Evaluation and documentation of student performance


Wide array of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) available



• Advanced Training Technology


Detailed needs assessments


Training systems integration, implementation and evaluation


Training management systems design and development


Cost/benefit and training effectiveness analyses



• Professional and Management Development Training


Enhance your managers’ productivity and performance with instruction in:

- Leadership skills

- Creative problem solving techniques

- Customer service excellence

- Clear communication skills

- Goal setting

- Technology training

- Project and time management

Continued coaching and mentoring to reinforce key concepts

Custom-made programs tailored to your agency’s specific environment



• Project and Program Management


Services rendered by certified Program Management Professionals (PMPs)


Development and maintenance of current and out-year planning documents


Development and tracking of project schedules and deliverables


Strategic program coordination



• Individual or Group Instruction on Demand


Customized short-term training options for individuals or small groups


Rapid implementation


1-day seminars and weeklong training sessions conducted by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

- Software and hardware

- Leadership and management

- Other technical and professional subjects



• Training and Education Consulting Services


Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and individual instructors to support your team


Strategic planning services


Keynote speakers and lecturers on call


Customized training and education services tailored to your specific organizational requirements






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