Advanced Training Technology

  • Detailed needs assessments
  • Training systems integration, implementation and evaluation
  • Training management systems design and development
  • Cost/benefit and training effectiveness analyses

Instructional Systems Design (ISD)

  • Systematic analysis of your agency’s training and education requirements
  • Curriculum and Training Module Development
  • Preparation of training materials, handouts, user and participant guides
  • Evaluation and documentation of student performance
  • Wide array of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) available

Project and Program Management

  • Services rendered by certified Program Management Professionals (PMPs)
  • Development and maintenance of current and out-year planning documents
  • Development and tracking of project schedules and deliverables
  • Strategic program coordination

Individual or Group Instruction on Demand

  • Customized short-term training options for individuals or small groups
  • Rapid implementation
  • 1-day seminars and weeklong training sessions conducted by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
    • Software and hardware
    • Leadership and management
    • Other technical and professional subjects

Professional and Management Development Training

  • Enhance your managers’ productivity and performance with instruction in:
    • Leadership skills
    • Creative problem solving techniques
    • Customer service excellence
    • Clear communication skills
    • Goal setting
    • Technology training
    • Project and time management
  • Continued coaching and mentoring to reinforce key concepts
  • Custom-made programs tailored to your agency’s specific environment

Training and Education Consulting Services

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and individual instructors to support your team
  • Strategic planning services
  • Keynote speakers and lecturers on call
  • Customized training and education services tailored to your specific organizational requirements