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Other Programs


College and Career Planning Program: Our College and Career Planning program provides individualized assistance in exploring educational and job options based on students’ interests and abilities. To begin the program, each student is given a variety of career assessments in order to develop a list of occupations based on his or her interests, values, and skills. Each student is then provided a unique login to his or her own individualized career portfolio, which is a secure workspace that records and stores all education and career plans, assessment results, activities, ideas and more.


Small Group / Youth Group / Church Group Programs: Bright Minds Tutorials offers multiple group programs for test preparation. Small group tutoring is perfect for students who share a similar schedule or academic needs.


GiggleBytes Computer Program: Our GiggleBytes program offers quality computer education for young children. This program is specifically designed for children between the ages of 2 and 12 and teaches children to use computers as a tool.


Little Amigos Spanish Program: Little Amigos is designed for parents who are interested in preparing their children for life in today’s world where it’s important to know more than one language.  Our teachers make learning Spanish fun for young children. Kids love Pepe the monkey, our class mascot. They also love the songs, games and art projects that are an integral part to each class.


Busy Bodies Program: The Busy Bodies curriculum has been designed by experts in the preschool, health and physical education fields and is based on cutting-edge research to enable kids to once again enjoy physical activity. Movement and motor skills are practiced and reinforced in an age appropriate and sequential way. Classes are active and teach children fun and safe ways to exercise.


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