Our tutoring program assists students of all ages from Pre-Kindergarten through High School. Additionally, our program offers College Prep, Study Skills, Standardized Test Prep and Adult Education. We provide tutoring in a variety of subject areas from basic subject to more advanced college/university level courses. Please contact us to assist you in meeting your educational needs.

Bright Minds Tutorials understands that students with learning disabilities have special needs when it comes to their education. Our tutors are experienced with many students, including students who are Gifted, ESE, and ESOL/ESL. Bright Minds Tutorials also provides home schooled students with fulltime, supplemental or specific subject area tutoring and evaluation.

Bright Minds Tutorials is different than tutoring centers because of our convenience and flexibility. Since our tutors come to your student, sessions are scheduled at times most convenient for you. Tutoring sessions are available every day in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Additionally, our tutors can meet your student in the most comfortable environment; therefore, the best results are received from the session. This location may be the student’s home, school, or after care facility. Our tutors also provide parents with frequent updates of student’s progress, whereas tutoring centers usually supply this information every 30 days. This information is important so that parents may continually monitor their student’s progress.
Bright Minds Tutorials is different from other private tutors because we have the ability to professionally assess your student’s needs using a combination of assessment tools. The result of this evaluation provides a detailed record of your student’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, our tutors will work with your student’s teachers to make sure the progress made during tutoring is also reflected in class work and homework.

While tutoring is not intended to be a “quick-fix” resolution, it is almost invariably a positive component of an overall program to help your student achieve his or her full potential and overcome the special challenges he or she may face. Tutoring is a collaborative exercise in which the students are assisted and, in the process, help themselves to learn. During these joint exercises, students develop better study habits which help them succeed on their own.

Parents are a student’s first educator and most learning takes place in the home. Whenever possible, help your student with homework and communicate with your student to identify problems or weaknesses he/she may be experiencing. Also, share any difficulties identified with your student’s teacher and tutor.