Below are some of the testimonials we’ve received from our clients and tutors:

There are many, many reasons why I think Bright Minds is fantastic. Bright Minds offers services for my homeschooler that I had a difficult time finding anywhere else in South Florida, and, as a huge plus, the rates are truly reasonable. Additionally, Ms. Macaya Switzer was just so great to work with. I love how quickly and pleasantly she responded to all of my emails, questions and requests. Also, she was very flexible and always tried to accommodate our schedule. I plan on using Bright Minds for years to come!
Danielle V.
mother of a homeschooled 2nd grader
Thank you for the wonderful service your company provided my son. The tutors, Ken and Leah, were wonderful. Ricardo very much enjoyed learning from them. The fact that my son was struggling with his school work, but he was very much at ease with his tutors. They really seemed to care for him and his educational well-being. Now, off to high school, which I am sure that I will be calling your wonderful staff for more tutoring again. Thank you for the professional staff service! See you next year!!
Maddie T.
mother of a 8th grader
Bright Minds helped our daughter Kaitlyn tremendously! We contacted Bright Minds in April of 2011 at the end of Kaitlyn’s freshman year in high school. Kaitlyn had received a math teacher at the end of January that she could not understand and she fell behind in Algebra I. In a short amount of time, she pulled her grade up to a C from an F average. At the start of her sophomore year, we again contacted Bright Minds for help in Geometry. Her average grades this year were A’s & B’s! Because of the confidence she has in math, she also pulled up her other grades and brought home a report card with straight A’s! We will definitely be contacting Bright Minds again at the start of her junior year.
Kim S.
mother of a 8th grader
My daughter was having some difficulties in mathematics and we were referred to Bright Minds by her school. She was able to raise her grade one letter up. My second daughter attended a bilingual school which spent only 25% of the time instructing in English. We started the tutorials for her English subjects and this year she scored a 95% on her entrance exam at another school (American speaking school.) Thank you so much.
Balkis B.
mother of a 6th grader and 11th grader
Bright Minds is a great company to work for. They are always available, and they have responded quickly whenever I have had a question or need. They support their tutors 100%, and they are sincere in wanting their students to become successful. Simply great!!
Joseph S.
Bright Minds Tutor
My son was struggling in school despite being in special programs for his learning disabilities. Bright Minds produced quick and sustained improvements. Mostly by improving his study skills and techniques, as well as moving at a pace that worked well for my son. I highly recommend Bright Minds!
Lionel O.
father of a 10th grader
Prior to working for Bright Minds Tutorials, I worked for two other tutoring companies and was greatly disappointed. As a tutor, it is very important to be working with people who share your passion for teaching and prioritize the well being of the student. As an independent contractor working with families you do not know, it is comforting to know that Bright Minds Tutorials screens your clients/student prior to sending you to their house. Bright Minds Tutorials has been supportive, involved, and encouraging all the way. Not only does Bight Minds Tutorials compensate tutors with direct relation to their experience and degrees, but they also set you up for success from the start. Bright Minds Tutorials staff is friendly and always considers the well being of both the student and the tutor.
Veronica N.
Bright Minds Tutor
Our daughter was experiencing many difficulties in taking her SAT and ACT tests to gain entrance in FAU. She had taken the test three times and never scored high enough to meet her college’s requirements. That’s when we contacted Bright Minds Tutorials. Jessica was so patient and immediately befriended our daughter in a way that made her want to be tutored. Not only did our daughter get accepted into FAU, the college of her choice, she was also awarded the Florida Bright Future’s Scholarship, which pays for 75% of her education! I am very grateful to Jessica and her fine company.
Mary D.
mother of a FAU Alumni
My son has never found math easy, but after a disastrous 7th grade he had lost all confidence in his ability. His guidance counselor recommended Bright Minds and I gave them a specific brief: a tutor who could help with the math, but most importantly, someone who could help him overcome his negative attitude toward the subject. Bright Minds found us the ideal tutor, someone who made the lessons fun and informative, without being a chore. My son began to look forward to his weekly lesson and soon learned the best way to approach each math problem. What could have been a torturous summer turned out to be a big success. The start of 8th grade has been marvelous, A+ for each quiz and test to date and a very positive and happy child – not to mention delighted parents. A job well done – thank you Bright Minds.
Helen P.
mother of an 8th grader
In the beginning of the 2008 school year, Danielle, a junior in high school, was experiencing difficulties in Chemistry. Midway through the 1st term, Danielle was failing Chemistry. I immediately contacted Bright Minds Tutorials, who sent a tutor specifically qualified in tutoring high school Chemistry. The tutor was able to immediately zero in on Danielle’s weakness in this class. He spent 1 hour per week for the remainder of the term. She received an 80 in Chemistry on her 1st report card. We continued to tutor her through the second term and Danielle continued to improve her grade. I was very impressed with Bright Minds ability to assign the most qualified tutor to my daughter’s specific needs. We will definitely use Bright Minds Tutorials on an as need basis.
Denise H.
mother of an 11th grader

Tutoring for Bright Minds Tutorials has been the most wonderful opportunity to utilize my teaching skills. The primary goal of Bright Minds is to provide the ideal fit for both the student and tutor. This is so critical for success. The tutors have a passion for engaging each child and strive to provide every tool possible to help each child succeed. I am so grateful for the incredible tools and wealth of knowledge the entire staff shares with each other. The support from the administration is phenomenal. I have rarely encountered a Director that replies to any concern or question on a daily basis. I highly recommend Bright Minds Tutorials to any parent in need of a dedicated, experienced tutor who is truly committed to creating an individualized program for their child.
Faith G.
Bright Minds Tutor
I would like to thank Bright Minds and specifically our tutor Ken B. I contacted Bright Minds through a referral when both my sons were struggling with AP Spanish. My youngest son had four years of Spanish but was failing, and my older son had five years of Spanish and his grade in the class was just o.k. My oldest needed a bit of help to get him over the edge to succeed on the AP Spanish exam, where my youngest at the very least needed to bring his grade up as much as possible. To say the least the results were outstanding. My youngest went from failing to an A! Which is incredible. Both of my sons commented after the first full teaching session, “We learned more in one evening than we did this entire quarter!” As parents we were very concerned about our youngest son failing AP Spanish and not passing the AP Spanish exam. However, when you look at how difficult it is to get into most Florida State colleges these days the combination of your GPA, FCAT and SAT scores are all very important. Even if our youngest son did NOT pass the AP Spanish exam at the very least he needed a higher grade in high school to ensure a higher GPA. I am happy to say that both achieved their goals with flying colors. By working with Ken Blank both my sons were able to achieve a full “A” in the class. Ken was outstanding. A very mild mannered instructor with years of experience and patience of a saint! He sat with the boys for the allotted time and not only did he help with the Spanish language itself but with some of the history behind some of the reading required at the AP Spanish level. He helped explain the type of writing of each author and the background behind each story. He did more than just teach Spanish he also taught the concepts behind what was going on. They both recently took the AP Spanish exam. Both claimed it to be the hardest of the AP Exams. My youngest son is not sure he passed, and my oldest believes he may have scored high enough to have it count towards his college credit. If we would have know how difficult the AP Spanish exam was we would have started the tutoring sooner. I guess the only regret would be that we didn’t start with Bright Minds and Ken Blank sooner!!! No matter how they end up doing on the AP Spanish exam they were both able to raise their grade in the class to an “A” and increase their chance of passing the AP Spanish Exam, and that is all you can ask for. I highly recommend Bright Minds and Ken Blank to anyone that has a child that needs help in AP Spanish or any Spanish class at any level. He was truly outstanding and committed. Thank you very much Ken Blank and Bright Minds.
Bill G.
father of a 10th grader and 11th grader